Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Socialite Coffee Carriers

 After making some coffee carriers for everyone in my wife's Coffee Club, I decided to make some more for a great Restaurant nearby called Socialite. Unfortunately I have to charge $30-35 each to make up for the time spent sanding, gluing, assembling, and sealing the carriers.  I'm hoping to get a better process down to bring that price point lower.  

Each 18" x 24" sheet of baltic birch makes one box.  Instead of wasting a little space on the sheet, I added coasters to the job. :)  The interlocking "fingers" hold the box together well when using Titebond II wood glue.  

I have a glue applicator on order that I'm hoping will cut down on assembly time.  Fingers crossed :)

DCT Wood Glue Applicator Glue Spreader Kit – 8 oz ounce Glue Dispenser Applicator Bottle, Glue Roller, Glue Tips, Tray

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