Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Old Sure-loc Xpress Bow Press Upgrade for Parallel limb bows

After getting a new target bow, I decided to install my peep sight.  Needless to say, it pays to use the right tool and a bow press.  I managed to nick my string and pretty much make it useless.  Wanting to do it right the next time I bought a nice used Sureloc Xpress bow press.  The older model of course that doesn't do parallel limb bows.  At one time they made a USL adapter kit for this to allow you to do more modern bows.  But I was unable to find these used or new anywhere.

I decided to take matters into my own hands.  After searching for hours on McMaster, Grainger, and elsewhere; I was unable to find a wheel, handwheel, caster, or round delrin that met my requirements.  I needed a strong disk that would fit on a 7/8" shaft that was no more than 5/8" thick (width of my bows limbs).

Until I had a eureka moment!  Barbell plates! Something with a 6" diameter or bigger was perfect to clear my cams.

I went ahead an ordered some split ring collars that have a 7/8" opening.  Needed to use a flat blade screwdriver to open them up a bit to slide on; not too hard though.

I plan on making a custom spacer for each bow type, but at the moment I am using an empty wire spool, that so happens to be the perfect spacing for a 2015 Hoyt Pro Edge Elite. 

Once in the press I was able to swap my strings out without any issue.  Not a single mark or scratch was left on my limbs.  I plan on making some USL adapters of my own out of delrin.  But in the meantime these work perfect!

For access to the cam's while in the press I think some Weider barbell plates may be a better option... 


  1. Nicely done Dan! Your design inspired my upfit and I'm hoping to learn the source of your split ring collars? I'll share after an exhaustive search, I found wheels with less mass, (with a 1 inch center bore), here - that I think will work nicely with a 1/8 shim added. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks! Sorry, I updated the link with the split ring collar.

      I'll check out that servocity link. Looks promising!

  2. Outstanding, thank you kindly Dan!